(701) 588-4541 Expédition Particulière • Alliance between France and the USA that won the American War of Independence


Squadron of Comte de Ternay (Army of Rochambeau)

Le Duc-de-Bourgogne, 1780 – 1783

The Duc de Bourgogne (“Duke of Burgundy”), launched October 20, 1751, was an 80 gun ship of the line of the French Royal Navy.

She was refitted twice, in 1761 and 1779, when she received a copper sheathing.

On May 2, 1780, she departed Brest as the flagship of the 7 ship and 3 frigate Expédition Particulière, under Admiral Ternay, escorting 36 transports carrying troops to support the Continental Army in the War of American Independence.

The squadron comprised the following seven ships of the line:

— 80 gun Duc de Bourgogne, under Ternay d’Arsac (admiral) and Médine (flag captain)

— 74 gun Neptune, under Sochet Des Touches

— Conquérant, under La Grandière

— 64 gun Provence under Lombard

— Ardent under Bernard de Marigny

— Jason under La Clocheterie

— Éveillé under Le Gardeur de Tilly

and the three frigates:

— Surveillante under Villeneuve Cillart

— Bellone

— Amazone under La Pérouse, the vanguard of the fleet, arrived at Boston on June 11, 1780.